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The wonderlands…

The world we live in is full of wonderful miracles, but we do not often notice them. We invent nonexistent fairylands in books and colourful films with special effects, striking us with beautiful scenery, inconceivable languages, unfamiliar nations, animals and nature. So, with of all this, we often pay no attention to the world around us, with its marvellous countries and a variety of unique places.

However, this is the very world which is rich in wonders one could never imagine! They are : the delivery of a child, the seven-coloured bridge of a rainbow, passing over from one end of the sky to the other, the blossom of lotus, a divine flower of love and wisdom, in the wild. Isn’t it a miracle, when on holidays you are strolling along the beach, hand in hand with your love, who is whispering in your ears sweet nothings?

Don’t you either feel a terrific levitation, looking down at the world from the conquered mountain height and watching the birds hovering far beneath?

In our childhoods, you know, we have often experienced joy with plain and ordinary things and a feeling of light-hearted happiness!

Let us not forget that our life is a grand tour in the infinite world of miracles!

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